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Trump, immigration drama. Albanian mother of three fears deportation from USA

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Denada Rondos traveled to the USA with a student visa in 2002. Since then she has never thought about going back to Albania.

The mother of three is now facing the danger of deportation, as the emigration authorities have sent her a notice to leave the country within the next week. For Denada, this is her biggest nightmare.

Her husband, Viron, who has US citizenship, has employed more than 50 people at his restaurant in Cheshire, Connecticut. He said that it would be terrible for them if she goes back.

Denada has starting her fight to stay in the USA since 2007, when the order to leave the country arrived for the first time, but she had been able to postpone it each year.

The administration of the US President, Donald Trump, has been much harsher against immigrants than that of their predecessor, Barack Obama. Trump is deporting even illegal immigrants who have not committed felonies.