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Russian Foreign Minister accuses West of interfering in Balkan, creating confrontation

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The Russian Foreign Minister, Lavrov, held a speech at the UN General Assembly and expressed the country’s concern for what he called “a new confrontation line in Europe”, the Balkans.
“We are concerned by the desire for opening a new confrontation line in Europe, this time in Balkan. The countries of the region are being demanded with persistence to join the NATO alliance. By intervening in their internal matters, European and US leaders are carrying out personal campaigns for making Balkan countries join the NATO”, Lavrov said.

“In Kosovo, the military presence authorized by the UN Security Council has been replaced by US military bases. They have created the Kosovo armed forces while the agreement between Prishtina and Belgrade, intermediated by the EU, has not been implemented”, Lavrov said, adding that Russia would support any solution agreed by Serbia.Without being questioned by journalists, Lavrov spoke about Macedonia. He said that the appeals of the EU leaders to vote “yes” in the referendum are a clear interference.The Russian Federation has a permanent place at the Security Council, the decision-making institution of the UN. They have vetoed every effort made so far for finding a bilateral solution for the Kosovo-Serbia conflict.