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105th anniversary of Police, Rama: “Successfully reformed, but there are still corrupted officers”

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The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared that the 105th anniversary of creation has found the police as a reborn institution with higher trust among the public.Rama said that statistics show that today’s police force is much better than the chaotic and abandoned one that they found in 2012.

“In 2017, Albania was removed from the map of countries that cultivate and traffic cannabis. We have the lowest murder figures, even lower than an EU country that talks so much about crime in Albania”, Rama said.On the other hand, for the Prime Minister, these figures don’t show that the police is perfect: “These data don’t show that there are no police leaders tied with crime”, he added.

“This is why the Vetting of police will aim cleaning their ranks, by removing incriminated persons and those who cannot justify their wealth”, the Prime Minister declared.During the ceremony held in Lezha, the President granted the Golden Eagle Medal to the former Deputy Minister of Interior and former high-level police officer, Sokol Baraj, and also to the Shkodra Quick Intervention.